Saturday, March 19, 2011


Tomorrow I will be eating a Sunday brunch with the ladies. This is great news.

Keith is training for the Death Ride which means he'll be gone for about 7 hours of every Sunday between now and July. For me this means I NEED TO MAKE BRUNCH PLANS WITH ALL MY FRIENDS!

Don't worry you guys, I've begun thinking about how this can work for us.

Ben- Stop going to L.A. every weekend and introduce me to one of the breakfast places you go to that I've never heard of.

Morgan & Mariah- Lets go to Sunrise and eat next to Becca's paintings.

Billy- Homefries and youtube!

Danny & Wiley- I don't know how to make a tofu scramble, but I think you do. Halp plz!

Annie- Outdoor yoga on a street corner aka urban farm and then Hayes Valley brunch.

Sarah- Neighbor and innovative cook! I think if we team up at one of our places we could make something difficult like hollandaise sauce.

Taylor & Russ- Kambucha fest! Cleanse central. No food necessary.

Jules, Laura & Emily- Where is there bottomless mimosas? Dolores Park? Okaaaay!

Mike, Nick & Amy- It doesn't need to be Sunday, I will meet you at Jim's at any time on any day of any week, to spend a five dollar bill on one heaping plate of food, np.

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  1. this is beautiful. really really really special.

    secret to perfect, easy hollandaise: make it in a blender.